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Secrets To Dog Training by Daniel Stevens Review | PDF

When you are having issues with the behavior of your dog, then it can always be quite useful to get some help from people that are experts within this particular field or programs that can show you how you can train your dog to behave better. One such product is called Secrets to Dog Training and what follows is more information about the product to let you see if this is something that you should consider buying.

What Actually Is The Product?

With Secrets to Dog Training, what you get is a rather detailed study of not only the most common types of behavioral problems with dogs but also ways to prevent them in the first place. This advice that some dog owners are going to have spent time searching online for due to them having dogs that are perhaps not as well behaved as they initially hoped and the problem is often that the resources online are rather basic and offer no help at all.

This, however, is certainly not the case here because the information that is provided in this internet book is quite amazing and the author has written it in a way that everybody can understand it with this being a real bonus.

With this product, you are going to be shown a number of tips and tricks, and once you have finished reading it you can then check out a 30-minute video to learn more and this video is going to help clear up some questions you may have from the book. Everything contained in the product comes from a professional dog trainer with years of experience, so you can trust everything that appears in it.

What Subjects Are Included?

There are a number of subjects covered in this book, but it is important to point out that it does not just focus on the issues, but also gives advice on how to train a dog when you are new to having them around. What this means is you will get advice from how to choose a puppy, where to find them, how to prepare your home, how to house train them, and even what you need to do with regard to their health.

After this section, it then starts to look at the problem areas in more detail and it starts to offer advice and tips on things such as health and hygiene, including how to deal with allergic reactions to them, fleas, how to get two dogs to live together, as well as commands that you should teach them and finally those behavioral problems with this covering biting, barking, being aggressive, dominance, and anxiety along with others.

What you will then find is that the video will primarily look at the nature of a dog and why they have the desire to be the alpha figure since this can sometimes lead to problems with their owner. You will then be shown simple ways to overcome these problems with the hope being it will improve your relationship with them.

Dog Whispering

One section that deserves to be mentioned on its own here is dog whispering, and indeed this may be something you are more familiar with due to the television show with Cesar Millan. Due to its rise in popularity, you will find a section in Secrets of Dog Training dedicated entirely to this art, and it is made clear that, for some, this is an approach that undoubtedly works.

Basically, this is a method whereby the focus is on respect and clear communication between you and your dog and what Daniel Stevens does is he looks at its origins, how you can use the power of your body language and voice to your advantage and also how you can use these techniques to train your dog in next to no time.

You will then be helped along by being able to follow simple step-by-step instructions and by the end of it all you should be able to get them to sit, stay, be quiet, and a number of other basic commands.

The Extras

Quite often with things that you buy online you will be given some extras to help entice you into making that purchase, but most of the time these extras are worth nothing anyway. This is certainly not the case with Secrets of Dog Training because you actually get several extras and the information that is contained within them would be worthy of being made into a product all on their own and this is something that is very rare indeed.

The book itself is going to cost you $39.95 and this, of course, gets you the main book that covers all of the different things mentioned above. It does also give you access to the 30-minute video that was also previously discussed, but on top of it all you will also be sent another four books to help you understand your dog and to deal with any behavioral problems they may have.

The books you are given cover subjects such as, advanced housetraining tips and methods, how to resolve aggression in your dog before it becomes a problem, how to really groom your dog with this looking at their coat and teeth and how to care for them, and finally tips on how you can train your dog to help with your security.

As well as these books there is also one other freebie, and this is a consultation with somebody from the Kingdom of Pets team and this is just a nice free thing to be given with your purchase.

What this means in real terms is that if you come across some kind of problem with your dog, then all you need to do is send them an email to tell them all about it, and they will send you a reply that really is crammed full of advice and solutions that will mean that the issue will soon become history.

Should You Buy The Product?

Clearly the only question left to answer is whether or not you should go ahead and buy this book and the answer has to be that yes you should even if you have owned dogs before and think you can deal with any behavioral problems that crop up because a quick read of this book will let you see that you do not know as much you first thought.

There is no doubt that by reading this and paying attention to the advice you are going to look at your dog in an entirely new light, but at no point will you feel that the book is too complicated or going over your head as it really is all easy to understand. You are going to look at methods in this book and discover that you may have thought you understood how to train your dog, but in fact you knew next to nothing.

There is a good mixture between basic methods that anybody can use without putting too much thought into it right up to those methods such as the whispering where you need to do some studying before you can fully understand it, but one thing you can be sure of is that each method that appears in this book is extremely effective.

One added bonus about Secrets to Dog Training is that you are not just shown one method that works as there are several for each problem, and it is then left up to you to pick the one you would like to try and if this fails at least there are other options still to try.

Overall, this is a book that any dog owner should consider buying and not just somebody that has a pet that is causing them problems. The methods listed are capable of producing some amazing results, and if you want to understand the mind of the dog, then this is undoubtedly the way to do that so go ahead and buy it as you will be glad that you did.