Pug Issues To Be Aware of Before You Buy That Pup – Pug Problems

Pug Issues To Be Aware of Before You Buy That Pup

Any dog is going to have a number of problems that are generally associated with their breed as it is often something within their genetics that means they are more likely to suffer from a number of complaints through nature. It does help you to be aware of these pug problems before you go ahead and buy one of them and the following are a number of pug issues that you are advised to be aware of should you be interested in buying this rather adorable and cute .

Temperament Issues In Pugs

Whilst most issues are related to their actual health there can at times be temperament issues with certain dogs as some are often associated with having a short temper or being bad with children. In the case of pugs it has to be said that they are extremely sensitive, but at the same time you really must let them know that you are their leader or they will become rather guarded. It is a fine line when building your relationship with them so try to not be too harsh or they could really retreat into their shell.

Eye Problems In Pugs

You may fall in love with their big eyes, but with these eyes come a number of problems as pugs do like to put their short noses into everything and it means that their eyes are open to infections and a number of other conditions. They do have a tendency to suffer from cataracts like humans as well as issues with eyelashes causing problems that may require surgery so look out for them showing signs of discomfort. Finally. dry eyes can also be an issue, but this can also be easily treated by vets and is something that should be treated as soon as you are aware of the potential problem.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy In Pugs

What PRA involves is the general degeneration of the different vessels that surround the actual retina and overtime this is going to lead to blindness for the dog. At first they develop night blindness when they are younger with it then developing gradually as they get older. Look out for them showing signs of being unaware of spaces and where things are as an indication there may be a problem.

Pigmentary Keratitis In Pugs

This problem is identified by pigment being deposited around the white surface within their eyes and it is caused by different things that somehow irritate the eye in general. It is important to first of all find out the cause in order to eliminate it as much as possible with surgery then being able to remove the pigment as it will cause the eye to become inflamed and will be uncomfortable for the dog.

Trick Knees In Pugs

Trick knees, or to give them their proper medical term a luxating patella, are common in all small breeds of dogs and basically it is when the patella moves away from the femur in their leg. This will often go back into place of its own accord, but at times surgery will be required in order to fix the problem. Signs that they are suffering from it includes favoring the leg that is affected more than the other as well as having problems sitting and standing.

Nasal Issues With Pugs

Due to the fact that they have short noses there are a number of problems related to their breathing and issues with their airways. You may notice that your pug snores a lot and this is due to an elongated soft palate, but this can be fixed with surgery. They may also be born with nasal tissue that is actually too soft, this is called stenotic nares, and this leads to their nostrils basically collapsing meaning they breath through their mouth. Look out for a foamy discharge coming from their mouth as a potential sign of this being a problem.

So those are the main pug issues that you need to be aware of before you go ahead and buy one, but it is important to point out that although they do sound bad for the dog there is absolutely no guarantee that your one is going to end up having any of these problems. The main thing is to love them and care for them and enjoy your time with them and they will undoubtedly show you the same love and affection back and you will certainly be glad you got them.