Pug Health Problems That Are Common Within The Breed – Pug Problems

Pug Health Problems That Are Common Within The Breed

There are a number of pug health problems that are mainly caused by things such as their short nose creating problems with their breathing or issues with their large and open eyes that appear to be able to draw in all kinds of bacteria over time.

What follows are just some of the most common ones that are associated with the breed, but it should perhaps be pointed out that most are able to be treated quite easily and in no way should it put you off buying a pug.

Skin Conditions With Pugs

Pugs do have a tendency to suffer from a range of skin conditions especially around the face thanks to the folds of skin that they have. This means bacteria can build up quite easily all over the body and it can eventually lead to things such as , ringworm and pyoderma.

This will often mean the dog is rather uncomfortable, but your vet can help clear things up quite easily, but do look out for red skin, pus, or them scratching a lot as a sign that there could be a problem. Their face wrinkles should be kept clean in order to stop bacteria from really taking hold and get treatment at the first sign of an infection appearing.

Breathing Problems With Pugs

Due to their snout being so compact it does mean that pugs can suffer from a range of breathing problems especially in hot and humid weather as it does mean they find it difficult to regulate their temperature through taking in air via their nose.

Some will tend to have a more elongated palate whilst others will have more pinched nostrils or even have tissue in their windpipe that is too soft making it more prone to slightly collapse. You will notice that they have a tendency to snore and this is an indication that there could be a respiratory problem that is causing it.

Eye Problems With Pugs

Due to them having such big and open eyes it does mean that they are more likely to develop various health problems associated with their sight such as infections and it is entirely possible that they will have several eye conditions at any given time. They may have problems such as entropia where the eyelids roll along with dry eyes, corneal ulcers, proptosis and pigmentary keratitis.

You must, therefore, look for any signs of the eyes being red, causing them discomfort or any unusual discharge coming from them as they can normally be treated either through medication or sometimes surgery, but if left alone it can result in your dog becoming blind over an extended period of time.

Joint Problems With Pugs

Problems with joints are actually quite common in small dogs in general and one of the more common health issue with pugs is their kneecap dislocating and popping out away from the femur. This is sometimes referred to as trick knee and it is due to the ligaments not holding it in the correct position, but pugs are also often susceptible to hip dysplasia so watch how they walk and run and if there are signs of discomfort when moving to determine if there may indeed be a problem.

Pug Dog Encephalitis

Pug dog encephalitis, or PDE for short, is something that is normally fatal and it cannot be cured and it involves the brain tissue becoming inflamed and eventually dying. It does appear that this is something that is inherited and is, therefore, genetic in nature, but it is important to point out that it is not too common, but you still need to be aware of it.

Whilst a number of health problems for pugs can be linked to genetics a number of them such as a series of skin infections and the joint problems can be caused by general neglect of the dog and allowing them to become obese. They are small dogs and their joints are not built for carrying excess weight so if they are fat, then you can be causing them all kinds of pain and discomfort as well as making it harder for them to breathe so keep them slim so they can live a better life.

The pug health problems mentioned above are the most common ones that vets see, but clearly they can also pick up things that any dog can suffer from over and above those that have been listed. Only a percentage of pugs will get these pug problems, but one thing you can be sure of is that they will still be a loving dog to have and will certainly give you a lot of enjoyment through their life.

How To Ensure Your Pug Is As Healthy As Possible

Since pugs cannot verbally tell their owners when a problem is occurring, it is essential that pug owners learn common issues associated with the breed and be able to spot signs of their pug’s health going bad.

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I wish you and your pug a long relationship full of health and happiness!