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Common Pug Behavior Problems And How To Overcome Them

As with any dog, there are a number of common pug behavior problems that you should be aware of either before you buy a pug or just after you have done so.

The good thing is that with these common problems there are things that you can do yourself to help stop them from carrying out this type of and what follows are some of these issues and information on steps you should take right now, so they will then learn the correct way of doing things.

Tips on How to Overcome Common Pug Behavior Problems

  1. Excessive barking for no apparent reason:

    When your pug is barking, then there is normally a reason for it even if you are unaware as to what it could actually be and it is perfectly normal for them to make some noises and it only ever becomes a problem when they are doing it far too often for your liking.

    It is, therefore, important that you teach them from the very beginning when they can and cannot bark and the best way to teach your dog is to use a mixture of praise and punishment depending on the situation.

    If they are alerting you to somebody at the door, then give them that praise and if they do not bark at this point, then encourage them to do so by getting them excited so they then bark. The next step is to get them to stop barking after a certain period of time by telling them to be quiet and reward them when they are and you can use this method to stop them barking for no apparent reason such as when they are just bored and want attention.

  2. Begging becoming a problem:

    Teaching your dog to beg is a common trick, but the problem is that they can start doing it at every given opportunity and this can lead to all kinds of issues. The best way to resolve this problem is not to teach them how to do it in the first place, but if you have already done so, then it may be at the point where they are constantly getting under your feet and whining for food whenever you are having any, so you need to tackle the issue immediately.

    The easiest way to do so is to either block them from being near you when food is around or to teach them to sit and be still as this can let them see that they can still get some titbits by being patient rather than jumping up and running around.

  3. Your pug chews everything:

    Any puppy is likely to want to chew different things as they grow and it can actually be constructive for them to do it as it really is part of their development as a pug. The problem comes when the pug chew too much and destroy things, they continue to do it once they are an adult dog, or they may chew on the wrong things at various times as well and this is the point where you need to stop them in their tracks.

    Make sure that you praise them when they chew on the correct things and get them a toy that they can do this with and as soon as you see them biting on the wrong thing, then tell them not to and replace it with a toy followed by some praise. They will then start to associate their need for chewing with only certain objects and the problem will be solved.

    Do also avoid letting them playfully chew on your fingers because at some point they will get too excited and bite too hard, so at this point you need to make a noise to let them know that they hurt you before telling them to stop.

  4. They whine too much:

    Whining is something that dogs do, but it does tend to annoy you after some time, so clearly you need to tackle the problem straight away. You are advised to try to ignore them as much as possible because they do it when they want attention, so by ignoring them they will learn that it does not work and do even consider distracting them with something else, but never reward them to get them to be quiet or you will only make matters worse for yourself.

Those are just four of the most common pug behavior problems and things that you can do from an early age in order to either get them to stop doing it or prevent them from doing it in the first place. In general, a pug is a very well behaved dog, but if they are being troublesome, then just be willing to put in some work to teach them how to behave properly and you will be rewarded with a fantastic dog that will be loving towards you and your family.