How to Potty Train a Pug – Pug Problems

How to Potty Train a Pug

A pug is an instantly recognized due to its playful personality, pleasant temperament, cute wrinkled faces, and wide eyes. Besides being cuddly and cute, pugs are also very smart dogs. They get along well with their masters and other pets at home and with such great personalities, it is clear to see why these dogs are such a popular breed.

However, like most small dogs, there are unique potty training issues that you must deal with as a pug owner. Potty training your pug shouldn’t be a tedious task as pugs can be successfully trained.

Pugs are not hard to train because they will not disobey their master. They can only be disobedient when they don’t understand what is required of them but not because they chose to. It is vital to train your dog early enough as he will have your rules enforced since birth.

Here are numerous hints on how to potty train a pug.

Select a Potty Training Method

The very first thing is to choose the method that will work best for both you and your pug. One of the popular training methods is crate training where you purchase a crate and place your pug in it. A crate offers the benefit of controlling a pug’s surroundings and is an effective way for quick housebreaking results.

You have to ensure that your crate is warm and clean. You may also place a toy in it if you want. Pet cages are also very useful. You may place your potty indoors or outdoors depending on your preference.

Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement means your reward good behaviors and ignore the bad behaviors. This method can be used in a variety of animal training as it is effective. It allows you to clearly communicate with your pet. There are a numerous benefits when training your dog with positive reinforcement method. It is fun and can create a strong bond between you and your pug. You can use praises, treats or life rewards such as walks, car rides or games to reward your pug for good behaviors.

Be Consistent and Persistent

When it comes to how to potty train a pug. It requires process with persistent and consistent. But once trained its worth each moment you spend with your little friend. Always take your pug outside to go to the bathroom after playtime, meal or nap and in the morning and evening. Moreover, every time your dog is release from the crate, he should go outside. Watch him for soiling signals like circling an area and take him outside. Leash the untrained pug, and state a simple verbal commend like ‘go potty’.

Be Calm With Your pug

Naturally, pugs are very sensitive dogs and are susceptible to your tone. Dogs that are mishandled become insecure, cower and engage in submissive urination. They may also become nervous, apprehensive, submissive, and live their entire life in fear. Consequently, you have to practice to train him with calm. A pug that is obedient to his master is likely to follow his owner’s commands and therefore learn quickly.

Harness Your Pug’s Intelligent

As pugs are intelligent dogs, teaching your pug to ring the bell when he wants to go outside can prove effective. You may tug on a roped bell hanging from the door knob every time your pug goes outside. Frequent repetition of a verbal command is also crucial to success. Soon your pug will learn to pull the bell on its own.

Stay Patient

Although it is likely that your pug will inevitably make numerous mistakes here and there, patience is significant to successful potty training a pug. If you notice an in home mess, clean it up and don’t scold your dog. Instead, consider placing a pretreated potty in that area particularly if it is a recurring area. Move the pad near the back door over time. Ultimately, move the pad and the pug should limit in home soils.

The amount of time you will spend potty training your pug will undoubtedly prove to be worth it. Not only will it instill good behaviors in your pug, but also develop strong bonds that will bring you close to each other. Always remember that the most significant thing is patience and you will get the best results.