How to Stop Pug Whining – Pug Problems

How to Stop Pug Whining

Pugs are perhaps one of the most coveted dog breeds. But even though the pug is a terrific choice for a super companion dog, pug whining can be extremely annoying. The Pug can whine for many different reasons. He will whine because he wants something, he is scared, in pain, frustrated or even upset about something.

Though stopping Pug whining can be a difficult task to handle, the tips below should be of great help to any dog owner trying to stop this irksome behavior.

Negative Reinforcement

This technique is somewhat controversial because it involves ignoring the Pug, which can be risky if he has a real problem. Nonetheless, the best way to deal with pug whining is to ignore the behavior no matter how long it takes him to stop whining. This can be pretty difficult because whining is quite nerve wrecking. But if the pug knows that he always gets what he wants when he whines, he will probably use this behavior as a manipulation tool.

In this regard, whining should never be rewarded by giving the Pug what he wants. If he is whining for attention and he does not get it, he will most likely stop the behavior. It is also important to spend good times with the Pug when he’s not whining. This will ultimately reinforce the idea that he gets ignored when he whines, and gets fun time when he doesn’t whine.

Identify Underlying Problems

Sometimes there are serious hidden problems that could be causing the pug to whine. For instance, if he suddenly starts whining and it even gets louder, he may be in great pain. Again if the pug whines after eating, he could be having a digestive problem. If the pug is a whiner, the chances are that this behavior started at puppy stage.

So, generally, if the pug does not usually whine and then starts to, there could be an underlying medical problem. In this case, it is highly important to have him evaluated by a specialized veterinarian in order to solve any causal problem.

Obedience Commands

When a pug whines, the first instinct that comes to mind is to reprimand him. This should not be done, and instead, obedience commands should be issued in a happy and positive tone. The pet owner can use the Pug’s name as part of the command every time he or she wants the dog to stop whining.

With adequate training, the pug will learn to respond to his master’s voice, and this should distract him enough to make him stop whining. When he obeys, it is best to reward or treat him and then slowly extend the period between his silence and giving him a reward.

Crate Training

Crates are used as a multi-purpose solution for Pug obedience. A great way to stop Pug whining is to confine him into a crate and leave him alone for a short duration of time and then gradually increase the time as he progresses.

While training the Pug using this method, owners should ensure that toys or the Pug’s favorite comfort items are placed inside the crate in order to show him that this is not a room to be scared of. Once he has stopped whining, he should be let free, and the process should be repeated each time he whines.

Stop Separation Anxiety

Pugs may whine when left at home alone due to separation anxiety. When a pug is suffering from this type of anxiety, he may feel great distress when left alone and start whining to communicate the distress. This condition is something that can be solved relatively easily. One of the ways to address it is to put him outside before leaving him alone and also providing him with plenty of toys to play with.


Giving the Pug a lot of exercises is a great way to stop Pug whining. Sometimes the Pug whines when he is lonely and needs stimulation. At this time, he should be taken outdoors for a quick walk and then exercised vigorously. It is also best to give him a few toys to play with or something to chew on in order to redirect him. Redirecting the behavior is also a good way to deal with whining.

Teaching a Pug to stop whining is quite easy, but pet owners should be disciplined and understand why Pugs whine in order to control the situation. The best approach to alleviating Pug whining is to apply diligent efforts and also realize that a little whining once in a while is normal.