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5 Effective Tips On How To Stop Pug Chewing

Most dogs develop behaviors i.e. chewing/biting things e.t.c. as puppies. Such behaviors become very destructive and annoying when dogs reach adulthood. Pugs are an example of a dog breed with a very annoying habit of chewing. Most pug owners are constantly looking for a solution to this annoying habit.

According to dog experts, pug chewing comes as a natural expression which should not be necessarily classified as a negative behavior. For instance, dog experts argue that chewing promotes good dental health in pugs i.e. healthy gums and clean teeth. The chewing should therefore be encouraged especially when pugs are teething.

The main focus on chewing according to experts should not be too forcefully stopping pugs from chewing but to redirecting the chewing gradually.

Tips On How To Redirect Your Pug From Chewing

1. Buying Chew Toys

The first step towards redirecting chewing is to buy your pug a chewing toy. There are very many kinds of chewing toys for pugs in different shapes, textures and colors. It is even possible to get toys that are custom made for different dental types. Buying your pug an appropriate chewing toy through trial and error is a good way of finding out exactly which toy is engaging enough for your dog to stop chewing on other things i.e. furniture.

2. Training

Once you have bought the right chew toy for your pug, the next step is behavior training which is aimed at teaching your pug to chew on chew toys only. Behavior training is simple and should not necessarily involve the services of a dog trainer.

It is possible to do simple behavior training i.e. you can replace a shoe your pug is chewing with an appropriate/similar shoe toy. You can then make a point of rewarding your pug every time it chews on the toy as opposed to the shoe. With time, you will find that you may succeed in containing your pugs chewing behavior.

There is a special kind of training that offers a more permanent solution to chewing. This kind of training is known as crate training which is a widely used dog training technique. Crate training is used for house breaking training which redirects pugs attention to preventing destructive behavior at the same time ensuring pug safety.

3. Keeping Your Pug Busy

After you have bought chew toys and experienced some progress in behavior training. You must make sure that you keep your pug busy from then onwards. Most dog experts associate chewing to boredom. Avoiding boredom is therefore a very important aspect of redirecting pug chewing.

According to dog experts, it is important to keep your pug busy especially during teething stages because if your pug puppy is idle during this stage onwards, the chewing problem can become very hard to contain.

There are very many ways of keeping your pug busy. For instance, you can make a point of walking your pug, playing fetch games, training or simply playing with your pug at home. This way you can realise some progress in redirecting pug chewing.

4. Using Deterrents And Aversion Sprays

This is also an effective way of redirecting the chewing. There are very many natural and humane aversion sprays and deterrents that are capable of effectively diverting your pugs annoying chewing behavior i.e. chewing furniture, shoes, plants, e.t.c.

You can consider choosing popular deterrents scents such as chilli pepper, vinegar, citrus and alcohol. These scents are capable of preventing you pug from chewing any objects/possessions in the house associating with those scents. It is however important that you choose aversion sprays or deterrents that are friendly to your possessions i.e. plants, shoes e.t.c.

5. Avoiding Confusion Training

Once you have explored all the above tips of redirecting pug chewing, it is important to ensure that you avoid confusion with the method you choose to use. For instance, you should not buy a stuffed animal as a chew toy and expect your pug to differentiate between the stuffed animal and other stuffed toys that might be in your home i.e. children’s toys. This kind of training confuses your pug and in most cases it doesn’t work.

Whichever substitutes you choose, you should make sure that it is appropriate so that your pug is never tempted to chew on anything other than chew toys.


In summary, it is possible to redirect pug chewing with the above tips. For the above tips to work effectively, it is important to note that pug owners should focus on redirecting pug chewing as opposed to stopping it completely. This way you and your pug will be happy.