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Pug Biting And How To Stop It [6 Tips Provided]

Pug biting is something that is quite common especially amongst pups just as it is with virtually any other breed of dog in existence, but it is something that has to be dealt with before it does evolve into a bigger and more serious problem. The good thing is that there are several well known methods of stopping them biting so read on so you will know what to do should your pug start to on a regular basis.

The main thing when teaching your pug as a pup is to let them know that you are in charge and this is a recurring theme through the various methods and tips listed below. Failure to do so is only going to make your task that bit harder when it comes to resolving this issue so do not be afraid to be forceful at various times throughout this process.

Stopping Pug Biting Before It Can Even Begin

It does make sense to try and stop biting becoming an issue before it has even had the chance to begin and this is where your training when they are a pup comes into play. This will mean they know and understand good habits and this is easier to teach to a pup than it is an older dog that knows no different to this.

The main thing you need to do at first with a pup is to teach them the difference between what is a toy and you so they do not mistake you for something that they are allowed to chew. Puppies love to bite on things so make sure that they have enough items lying around so they concentrate on them and not your fingers.

Secondly you must be prepared to stick to your guns in regard to behavior that you allow from them throughout their life so decide what you will allow them to bite and then discipline them from an early age when they bite something else. Carry this on throughout their life or the dog will simply get confused as to what is allowed and what is not and this confusion can often lead to them picking up the habit later on in life.

How To Act If They Bite

If they do indeed bite, then you will need to know how to react in the correct way so they actually do learn that they did wrong and to lower the chances of it happening again. It is important that they know that you disapprove of their bad behavior as pugs in general hate the idea of their master or leader being upset with them so make sure they know this in order to make progress.

One thing you may like to try and do is to have something near you that can be put into their mouth if you see or believe a bite is about to happen. By having something such as a toy ready that can begin to associate that item with biting and not your hand, but clearly this needs some luck on your part and for you to carry something at all times.

If they bite, then make a loud yelping sound and then stare at them and move back. As you step away ignore them for some time as the idea here is to make them feel as if they are really isolated as a pug, in general, hates this feeling. The key part is not to ignore them that long that they get bored, but long enough so they begin to associate what they have just done as being wrong so they stop that pug behaviour.

If this approach does not work and they continue to bite after several attempts, then you must be firmer in how you deal with it by making a louder noise and then take hold of the skin around their neck and shaking it. This has to be done firm enough for them to be aware of the fact you are angry, but not hard enough to hurt them and, in turn, it will help show them that you are the one in control and not them.

So pug biting is not any different to biting by any other breed of dog, but by taking the points mentioned into consideration and by nipping the potential problem in the bud before it gets out of hand you will prevent it developing into something that can potentially be far more serious. The main thing is not to be afraid of trying to take control and by showing that you are the leader of the pack, then the pug biting problem will eventually become a thing of the past.

6 Tips on How to Stop Pug Puppy Biting

Pug puppy biting is an issue that requires to be corrected at an early age. If ignored, it might lead to quite a few difficulties as time elapses. In this brief writeup we have discussed six simple tips on how to turn your little pup into the most disciplined and loyal dog.

A Stitch in Time Saves Nine

The earlier you start training your puppy not to bite, the better the results. Why is this case? Well, probably you have heard time and again that you cannot teach new tricks to an old dog. It is always complicated to make a mature dog to forget a behavior that it has grown up with. The good thing with young under the age of 6 months is that you can easily train and retrain them as per your wishes. It is within the first few months (after birth) when dogs typically acquire some of their dominant habits in the wild. You’ll therefore be on the right track by dealing with pug puppy biting at such a time.

Toys Work Wonders

One of the best ways to address the problem of pug puppy biting is toys. Provide him with toys to bite from time to time to satisfy his natural desire to bite and chew. However, remember that pugs have small mouths, avoid purchasing big toys as these will strain their jaws. Whenever they chew the right toy, shower them with praises. This way will go a long way in imparting good behavior in them as they grow up.

Take Your Position as The Leader of The Pack

As your puppy grows, it is always important that you establish yourself as a leader. In the wild, dogs are used to living in packs where one of them serves as king. In the same way, at your home, a young puppy will tend to assume that you are its leader. However, this does not come automatically. You have to train him to know his place.

The reason why acquiring this dominant role in your dog’s life is important, is so that you can have an easy time while training a pug to behave in a certain way. For instance, if you want to stop him from biting everything that he comes across, you’ll simply have to make a loud yelp sound to command him and he will diligently follow your commands. Now you see what it means to be the leader of the pack?

Avoid Feeding him on Your Hands

Pug puppies are cute. However, you might end up cultivating an ugly biting behavior in your puppy by allowing him to chew from your fingers. Why? As he learns that you are comfortable such a pug puppy behavior, he will start biting anyone else’s fingers thinking that this is socially acceptable. Simple mistakes made at early stages of a puppy’s development could eventually become so huge in the future to an extent of haunting you and your family. So, teach him how to behave in an acceptable by taking into context that he might want to try it on your visitors and kids.

Deter This Behavior

In some cases it may be difficult to stop pug puppy biting. This is common especially in cases where a dog continues to bite despite all the measures applied. If it gets to this level, use a deterrent spray on items that he loves biting (Deterrent sprays normally leave a bad taste on objects). The bad taste will make him to stop this ugly behavior.

Give Him an Alternative

It does not make sense for you to stop him from doing one thing without giving him an alternative. As we saw earlier in this article, toys work wonders. So, instead of leaving your pug puppy confused on what to do, find him several chew toys. Praise him whenever he plays with them and reprimand him whenever he focuses on negative objects.

In summary to stop pug puppy biting behavior, you must be consistent, cautious and proficient. Remember; the earlier you start the better. Hopeful, as we are the tips discussed above will take you a long way as far as caring for your cute pug puppy is concerned. All the best!