How to Stop Your Pug From Barking – Pug Problems

How to Stop Your Pug From Barking

Pugs naturally are playful, loving, emphatic, and eager to please their owner. They are not aggressive or afraid of people. When pugs are comfortable with people, they are the most loyal and loving dogs you can ever have. Pugs are not known to be nuisance barkers, but sometimes they can do too much barking. Learning how to stop your pug from excessive barking is a good lesson in understanding your dog.

Dogs bark as a form of communication or to express their feelings. Mostly, dogs bark when they are anxious or bored. However, compulsive barking is very bothersome and should be prevented if you want peace at home.

Barking may develop into a habit if you respond in a bad way that can encourage more barking. You should use various amounts of dog physiology to counter the problem in case the barking becomes a nuisance. Here are a few hints on how to stop you pug from barking.

Identify The Problem

The first step is to understand that there must be the reason for the barking. It is your duty to understand why your pug is barking. Is he bored, in pain, or under stimulated? Is your doorbell too trilling for his ears and he is trying to signal you? Excessive barking can also be due to emotional or behavioral problems.

Look for all possible reasons, it can be something you haven’t considered before in identifying how to stop your pug from barking. Once you’ve identified your pug barks, it’s time to eliminate the source.

Remove Possible Causes

If your pug is barking due to boredom, then you should find ways to resolve the problem. Make sure your pug has enough toys to engage with so he does not get too bored.

Rotate his toys so he can have something new more often. Prepare goodie bag filled with treats that he should work at to get into. Fill the paper bag with treats or toys and tape it. Give your pug before leaving for work. He will be busy getting into it, playing with toys and he won’t have time to make unnecessary barking.

Positive Reward for Good Behavior

Rewarding your dog for decent behavior is a good way to deal with the barking problem. This is more about you than your pug. Watch how you react once he barks. If you are excited, your pug might be more than willing to continue barking.

Calmly show your displeasure without fanfare and ensure to reward him when he stops barking. Mishandling your dog can be stressful for him so make sure you quietly show your displeasure as this may prevent your pug from alerting you to any potential danger.

You Are The Master

Maybe your pug is unsure who is in charge. If this is the reason, the barking might be a way to control what he recognizes to be ‘his pack’. Once again, this is more about you and how you treat your pug. Consistent and dedicated training is significant in order to reassure your dog that you are his master. This is very significant as it will go a long way to helping you figure out how to stop your pug from barking.

Regular Training Sessions

When you are at home, spend a few training your pug. To do this, come up with a simple command that you can use every time your pug is misbehaving. It can be as easy as ‘stop’ or ‘hush’.

During training session, remember to give praise in the form of treat whenever your pug follows your commands and to stops barking. Seize the quiet moments and shower your pet with love. This brief and simple training will teach your pug to change his ways.

Pugs are very cute dogs but still they are dogs. They require proper care as well as training to bring the very best in them. A pug will not know what you want and what you don’t until you teach him. Be patient and conduct frequent short training to ensure your pug learns how to behave in whatever situation he is faced with.

Whatever method you opt for, make sure you are consistent and reward your pug for proper behavior. When you do this, you will undoubtedly have a well mannered little friend!