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Hello and welcome to Pug Problems! Whether you are experiencing difficulties with obedience training, health and behavior problems or any other issues with your , we’ve got you covered. Here we help you find solutions to your most pressing problems so you can spend quality moments with your lovely pet. It saves you a lot of trouble and money making expensive trips to your vet’s when your pet is sound and happy.

What Will You Find On Pug Problems?

pug_sitting1Thinking of owning a pug? If yes, then you are at the right place. This website is designed to give you the help you need to overcome problems related to pugs so you and your pug can enjoy a long happy life together.

Here at Pug Problems we understand that there is a lot of information about pugs but it can be hard to find everything you want to know in just one place. We also know that it can be a bit confusing to own a pug if you have no idea about them, so we created this a fast start guide to clarify some basics about pugs.

The information on this site is not just any other information you are likely to find on most common sites out there. No, the information is factual and well researched by people who understand the history of pets. Anything you need to know about problems affecting pugs you will find it here.

Topics Include:

Our site will cover the following:

  • Pug Health Problems: Learn the common health problems likely to affect your pug. They include obesity, difficulty in breathing, joint dislocation, heat stroke, nervous disorder, eye problems, skin and ear problems. This topic will cover the root of these health issues and how to treat them effectively.
  • Pug Behavior: Under this topic, you will learn the different types of behavior problems related to pugs and how to go about them. They include aggression, biting, growling, chewing, barking excessively, extreme begging, jumping, etc.
  • Obedience training: This topic, on the other hand, will cover housebreaking, potty training, crate training, etc.
  • Best Products For Your Pug Dog: There are several different types of products that you may use to groom and train your pug. The products we are going to cover under this topic are very reliable and will help you keep your pug healthy and happy.

Overview of Pug Dog Breed

The pug is a breed of dog with a fine and glossy coat that comes in various colors, most often black, silver, tan, fawn, and apricot. The breed also has a curled tail and wrinkly, short-muzzled face with square bodies. Originally bred to be a lap dog, pugs thrive on human companionship hence they’re a popular breed.

They are well known as the clowns of the canine worlds because of their great sense of humor and the fact they like to show off. Since pugs are so small in size (10 to 14 inches tall at the shoulder while weighing 14 to 18 pounds) compared to most of the other dog breeds, they’re classified as a toy breed.

Unfortunately, pugs do experience some problems especially those related to health and behavior.

Why Do You Need To Learn About Problems Affecting Pugs?

Owning a Pug can be loads of fun because they’re such good companions. They love to play and run around, and will do anything just to grab your attention. Therefore, if you’re thinking of owning a pet now or in the future, it is important you understand the types of problems your pug may have and how to handle them.

Taking the proper action to correct these problems is essential. This will not only help you have a healthy pug, but your pug will also be well behaved.

Learn The Myths Around Pugs

No real pug fanatic can go on living without knowing some interesting myths around pugs. Like most myths, we know that most of these myths are quite untrue or even a little bit exaggerated. For this reason, it is important to be able to separate the facts from the false ones.

These myths can sometimes be dangerous to the health of your pug. So without further ado, here is our list of the 5 common myths around pugs:

  1. Pugs experience lots of health problemsBy now you should know that any dog breed will of course potentially have health problems. However, if you take good care of your pug, he or she should stay in good health.
  2. Pugs are very inactive and lazyThough it is a proven fact that pugs love sleeping, it’s not true to say they are inactive dogs. They are very active, social, and you will ever hardly see any sign of laziness in them. For this reason, it is advisable to have at least two pugs if you’re never at home most of the time, so they keep each other company
  3. Pugs actually eat chocolateThis is one of the most harmful myths around pugs and is completely false. As we all know, most forms of chocolate contain theobromine, a chemical harmful to any type of dog breed. Therefore, never give your pug chocolate. Remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Pugs eyes can pop outAnother interesting myth around pugs is that pugs eyes can pop out. Although this can happen, you should know that eyes don’t just pop out on their own as it is not a daily thing. Pugs eyes will only pop out as a result of an accident and there is no lasting damage if immediate medical attention is sought. It’s also very important to note that this happens to very few pugs.
  5. You can get your pug to stop sheddingThis is a false myth because pugs never stop shedding. The pug is a heavy shedding despite having a short coat. The hairs have a shorter life cycle than average and will therefore shed off at a fast pace. However, with regular grooming and good brushing of the coat, you can be able to keep things under control.

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