Pug Puppy Training

Pug Puppy Training

Pug dogs are known for their love, affection, and loyalty. Just like any dog breed, the Pug needs adequate training in order to gradually but firmly create good habits in them. Pug puppy training is the practice of training a pug puppy the expected behavior as well as the obedience rules. Unfortunately, pug puppy training presents a lot of challenges for a Pug owner. Pugs are very smart and stubborn dogs and can obtain bad and stinky habits within a short period of time. If you train your pug erroneously, your obedient and healthy pug could become a nuisance to your family. A good way to combat this is by providing your pug with proper training and care in order to have a cheerful and healthy dog.

Successful pug training depends largely on how much the Pug desires his master’s approval. To provide proper training, there are several things that you’ll need to apply consistently throughout your training schedule. Here are a few tips that are particularly important for successful pug puppy training.

Start Early

Begin training your pug at early stage. The earlier the pug is introduced to proper training, the faster the pug will learn. The root of all behavioral problems begins when the pug is young. It is always easier to teach a pug puppy good habits, than it is to get an older pug to abandon bad habits. Training the Pug at the right time will help eliminate bad habits such as biting and chewing. You can start the training process by initiating communication with your puppy. Through proper communication, the puppy will be able to interpret your actions and become more sociable when being trained.

Train Your Pug Puppy Not To Bite

All dogs have a natural tendency to bite. Pug owners should stop puppy biting from the start. Pug puppies have irresistible urge to chew so you should provide your pug with plenty of chewing toys or ropes for him to chew. It’s important to train the puppy not to bite your hands or feet. Pug biting should not be tolerated as this behavior can be dangerous when the pug matures. If you teach the puppy how to stop biting, the pug will gradually learn to associate unpleasant behavior with your disapproval.

Train Your Pug Puppy Not To Jump

Inappropriate jumping is a one of the destructive behaviors that pug owners have to deal with. To stop your pug from jumping, you can completely ignore him when he is jumping for an attention. This will train the pug puppy to handle excitement in a more acceptable manner. Also teach your pug puppy not to jump on people or up on furniture. You can always use commands to disapprove the jumping behavior and then reward your puppy for responding to your command. Always train your pug in a positive and motivational manner.

Potty Train Your Pug Puppy

Pug house training or Pug potty training is a very important task. Pugs are not the easiest dogs to house train, but you can train your puppy easily by starting a house training routine. Just like the pug feeding times are rotated, you should start taking the puppy out at the same times every day. Take the Pug to potty after eating, sleeping, and playing. They will get accustomed to this habit and eventually the puppy will learn to avoid as many potty “accidents” as possible. It’s always important to reward the pug if he eliminates in the designated area.

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Puppy Socialization Training

Puppy socialization is an important process that helps to mold your Pug into a good member of the family. Get your puppy out and about to experience the world and become more confident. Through proper socialization, the pug will learn how to play with people including children and also with other dogs. Early and enough socialization can be very helpful in preventing behavioral problems and strengthening the bond between you and your Pug.

Pug puppy training does not have to be difficult provided that the right methods are implemented. You can train even the most stubborn Pug to have proper habits. It is essential for a Pug owner to be patient and apply consistency in order to train the dog effectively. With proper training sessions, you have the chance to build a lasting and loving relationship with your pug.

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  • Isabella June 10, 2013, 8:54 pm

    I think I read somewhere online that pugs are pretty hard to train, but according to my friend’s mother, that’s not the case at all. I think the key to the pug puppy training is in the word “puppy.” You train your dog early and it will live to be a happy and friendly dog, but if you lose that timing, then you’ll never be able to train it as well. I’ve already fallen in love with pugs, it’s too late for me now :)

  • Pam November 2, 2013, 2:48 pm

    I have a adorable 7 month old male Red Pug. He is a delight & wants to please you all the time. I do give him regular potty beaks, Then he will come back in the house & poop again
    after he has already been outside for his allotted half hour. I cannot seem to break him of this
    habit. other that that he is delightful, & I adore him. He is also nor a beggar.—–Pam


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