Pug Personality

Pug Personality

One of the warmest and family oriented dogs is the feisty little pug. Charming, cute, clever and mischievous, this little dog has for ages been beloved of royals and emperors and is one of the most popular dogs in most families today. A pug has a remarkable personality this has helped their migration across the globe. A Pug personality is not only good nature, but also has a lot of devotion with its owner and people who he comes into contact with.

Delightfully friendly, pugs have that aesthetic quality that is exceptionally their own. Their wrinkled faces, curled tails, solid face, and short snouts have earned them instant recognition across many cultures around the globe. Only few types of breed are distinctive like pugs. The common term ‘pug ugly’ indicates how recognized pugs truly are.

Even within the breed, variations on appearance do exist. While most of these variations are plainly noticeable to the common observer, a true pug enthusiast will easily notice the more subtle disparities. Pugs have very unique personalities compared to other pets. Here are some of the pugs personalities.

Pugs Are Lovers

A Pug loves his owner and is one of the most loyal dogs. These dogs require proper care from their owners, and tend to be a bit jealous if they are not given enough attention. Pugs can also be agitated and anxious if they are ignored. Unlike other breeds, pugs love being with their owner all the time.

They may not be ideal for a family that spend more than eight hours away from home or have limited time and affection for pets. Pugs are incredible. They get along well with other household pets including cats, dogs and small animals as they are such social dogs. They also like to amuse their owners, and they are often found under their masters’ feet.

A True Family Dog

Pugs are known for their love of kids. Unlike most toy breeds, they not only tolerate kids, they love them! Owners must take proper care to protect susceptible pug eyes from little fingers, but they never have to worry about pugs intentionally hurting a child.


Pugs have their own ways of doing things and can set in their ways; nonetheless, you will easily reach them if you schedule obedience training. They are extremely loyal and devoted to their owner and have no problem at all with abundance of affection that they like showing their family. A Pug’s personality is an excellent choice as a young family dog since they are known to be extremely gentle.

Energy Level

Another part of the pug personality is their varied energy level, where some will be lively one day and mellow another day, based on where they are. The surrounding goes along way into whether your pet is playful or laid back. The more you introduce your pugs to the setting where they will be playful, the more they will be playful. When you take them to a quite place, you will find that their personalities take the characteristics of that surrounding.

Temperature Extremes

Pugs’ cobby body shape and short nasal passage put severe restrictions on the kind of temperature they can stand. Pug owners should protect their pets from temperature extremes, especially high heat as pugs do die as a result of hyperthermia every summer season. Pugs cannot lie in the sun for longer periods without serious health conditions. A pug who is punting even without serious workouts should be brought in the air conditioning.

Pugs Love Chewing

Just like any other dog, pugs will want to chew almost everything and you will find that yours is not exemption. You can easily keep your pug from chewing on all the furniture by offering him with a bunch of chew toys to prevent him from ruining your staffs at home. It is advisable to use firm training techniques to teach your dog what they should do and what is off limits.

Regardless of physical specifics of a pug, it is this breed’s personality that wins over many owners. The breed produces tremendous breed loyalty among to his master. Although not ranked as the most intelligent breed, pugs are extremely lovable. Their enthusiasm as well as eagerness to please is absolutely incredible, pugs will insist on being closer to their owner, friends and strangers. These amazing qualities in conjunction with the infrequency of their barks limit their effectiveness as watchdogs.

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  • Marie December 11, 2014, 12:09 pm

    Hello Martin,
    We recently adopted a wonderful 4 years old Fawn Pug named Cleo.
    To know more about Cleo please look at the website above.
    I am writing you because since Cleo’s surgeries I thought it would be good for people to know what can happen if a dog specially Pug is not taken care of properly that being negligent is a form of abuse. I am offering in sharing our journey with Cleo who needed surgery the day after we adopted her due to her previous owners whom did not think she needed to see a vet.
    Your readers might be interested to see why cutting nails is very important, as of cleaning creased, giving proper bath and specially seeing a vet if any concerns like incontinence isn’t just caused by behaviour like the owner claimed which Cleo had 3 bladder stones about 655 grammes! They fed her 2 cups a day of random dog food, she ate the cat food was served rice, half can of tuna a day! She is 11.5 kg!
    If you are interested in sharing our story and pictures you are very welcome.
    Our goal is to help people to understand how important it is to care for a dog specially Pugs.
    Thank you


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