How To Care For A Pug In Five Easy Steps

How to Care For a Pug

Prior to buying a pup it is important that you know how to care for a pug in order to make sure that they live a long, happy, and healthy life. Understanding the breed of dog before owning one is essential and what follows are five easy steps that you should know about in advance should you be considering buying this wonderful and friendly breed of dog.

5 Easy Steps on How to Care For A Pug

  1. How To Look After Their Coat

    In general, you should look at brushing their coat at least twice a week as this does help to prevent various skin problems and it will also make your pug look and feel better in the process.

    Do look at purchasing a stainless steel brush and also look at investing in a flea comb, and flea powder if required in the summer, and it is then simply a case of making sure that you brush them in the direction that the fur grows and just make sure that you do it gently rather than pressing down hard as this may hurt them. Be careful if you find that the brush gets stuck at any part, although this should not happen if you do it on a regular basis, and then reward them after it for having behaved themselves when brushing them.

  2. Watch Out For Their Nails

    Apart from their coat, it is important that you also look after their nails because they will grow in much the same way as our own nails do, but when it comes to clipping them you do have the choice between trying it yourself or taking them to a professional groomer who knows how to hold them and do it correctly.

    Most people will at least check the nails every couple of weeks and they will be clipped around once a month and the reason why you need to look at them is due to the fact that long nails will cause discomfort to the pug and indeed it will cause them to stand differently leading to problems with their paws including bleeding. If you plan on cutting them yourself, then do it when they are relaxed or in a deep sleep and only cut the curved part of the nail and avoid cutting too deep.

  3. How To Look After Their Teeth

    The mouth of your pug can be home to different bacteria and they can suffer from dental problems just like we can and this does mean that it is very important that you look after their teeth on a regular basis.

    When it comes to cleaning them you do have a couple of options including beef flavored toothpaste, but if you do not fancy scrubbing them clean even though it is easier to do than you think, then there are items out there such as milk bones and special chews that will at least help keep them a bit cleaner than they otherwise would be.

  4. Keeping Their Facial Folds Clean

    Keeping their facial folds clean is probably the biggest thing you can do because there is a tendency for a pug to pick up all kinds of dirt and bacteria and this can of course lead to all kinds of health problems. It is important that you start cleaning them from an early age as this will mean that they get used to it and they are less likely to put up any kind of a fight.

    All you need is some warm water and something as simple as Vaseline and it is merely a case of washing them and make sure you do get into all of the folds, you may like to use a very soft makeup brush to get in there without hurting them, and then after you have washed them you can then apply Vaseline to add a bit of moisture and prevent their skin from cracking and hurting them.

  5. How To Care For Their General Health

    Caring for their general health is of course very important and you must know that a pug is a very loyal and friendly dog who is never going to leave your side.

    The main things that you must do is make sure that they get enough exercise and take them for regular checkups as pugs are prone to different breathing issues thanks to the way that nature created them. By keeping them sturdy, but slim, you will avoid putting extra pressure on their lungs and heart and help their breathing in the process, so get them out for walks and enjoy playing with them and their entire health will benefit.

Those are the five easy steps for you to follow about how to care for a pug and you will of course see that there is nothing difficult about it and nor do you really need any previous experience of owning a dog either. There is more to it than this, but the hope is that by understanding the basic principles of caring for this particular type of dog, then the rest of it will be easier and both you and your dog will be able to build a fantastic relationship.

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