4 Handy Tips On Housebreaking A Pug

Housebreaking a Pug

Housebreaking a pug should never be a difficult task as long as you the owner know what you are doing. Getting this part correct forms a vital part of their development as a dog, so in order to make life that bit easier for you it may be useful for you to know of the following four handy tips that should make sure that your pug manages to fit into your own lifestyle.

Housebreaking a Pug – 4 Handy Tips

  1. Think About Using a Crate

    One of the first things to consider is whether or not you want to use a crate to help with the training process as there is no doubt that they have helped a lot of people to be successful when housebreaking a pug.

    A crate is good as you will be able to really control their environment and it does also mean that there will be less chance of them making a mess all over your house as well. Some people will start off by having the crate in one corner and as the pug gets used to it they will move it closer to the door before making that big break and getting them to go outside.

    An alternative method is to use a towel or anything else that can mark a part of the room off as being their area and train them to only use that spot and, once again, over time you can then move it closer to the door before then getting them to go outside for the first time.

  2. Create Your Own Individual Schedule

    By creating your own individual schedule your pug is going to start to really understand when they are able to go outside and this does make housebreaking them a lot easier.

    The idea here is that you should take them outside after they do certain things such as eating, playing, or even first thing in the morning when they wake up and by doing this it eliminates the need for them to guess when they can go to the toilet and it reduces the number of accidents that they will then have.

    By knowing when they are allowed outside it will reduce the stress that they then feel and they will be more receptive to being trained not only with this, but with other activities as well.

  3. Praise Them As Much As You Possibly Can

    When housebreaking a pug people will often end up giving them a row when they do something bad and there is a fine line between letting them know that they have done something wrong and praising them.

    The truth of the matter is you should praise them for even the smallest of things, so if they go to the toilet as instructed you need to praise them and even give them a small treat as a reward and the rest of the training should then become a lot easier than before.

  4. Be Prepared To Have Patience

    Finally, you must be prepared to be patient with them and if you know that you struggle with keeping calm or are unable to repeat the same thing over and over again, then having a pug may not be for you. A pug is a very sensitive type of dog and they will sense that you are upset or stressed and this will only make it harder to train them as they will get nervous and start to make mistakes.

    Instead, if they do something that annoys you, then it is vital that you keep calm, clean up the mess that they made, and simply carry on with their training and this alone will reduce the time it takes to turn them into a pug that is not only well trained, but also loves you.

Those are the four handy tips on housebreaking a pug and you will see that there is nothing complicated about it and all it will take from your side of things is to have some patience and a willingness to work with them and accept that they will make some mistakes. As long as you do this, you should be able to teach your pug what is expected of them within your household and go on to have a long and happy life together.

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