Who Is Dove Cresswell?

Dove Cresswell

Dove Cresswell knows that every dog should go through behavior and obedience training. A well trained dog equals a dog that is accepted by all and is safe at all times. She also knows that training can be expensive, and not many people have the time to take their dogs to a training center throughout the week. This is why she has created an online venue called Dog Training Online where people can go to learn how to eliminate unwanted behavior in their dog once and for all.

Dove Cresswell Has Unique Experience In Training Dogs

She may look young, but her age does not reflect the amount of experience she has had training dogs in her life. While many of us have enjoyed movies such as Marmaduke and Marley And Me: The Puppy Years, not much thought goes into the people behind the scene training the dogs. Dove was one of those people. She has even worked with cougars in a docudrama called Cougar Crossings, and her film credits don’t stop there; if you check her out on the website called Internet Movie Database, you will see that she has spent over 12 years participating in shows one way or the other.

What Is Her Style Of Training?

There are many different styles of dog training. Some people use alpha training, some people use clicker training, and some people use treat training. Dove uses a fun, positive, and easy method of training that anyone can do. Her method is more of game that you play with the dog, which helps the dog feel good about the training, and even look forward to it. You will notice, as you watch Dove train, that this lighthearted and fun method really gives her the control she needs to train properly.

More About Dove Cresswell

Animal training was not always in Dove’s sites. In the beginning, she was a veterinary assistance, which indicates that her love for animals has always been there. Now, though, she has a full-time career as a dog trainer, and thanks to the Internet she is able to share her services with everyone.

Training other people’s dogs is not the only venture that Dove partakes in when it comes to animals. Throughout her life she has been very involved with various dog rescue groups, and she has fostered an incredible 75 dogs within the past 8 years. Dogs that need fostering also often come with special needs, which has exposed Dove to every behavioral problem imaginable, including aggression and anxiety. The people who end up adopting the lucky Dove-fostered dogs end up with a dog that will fit well into their house for the rest of their lives.

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In the end, there are many trainers that you can turn towards to help you with your dog’s behavior or obedience problems, but Dove Cresswell has made her training easily accessible at an affordable price on the site Dog Training Online, and you get to interact with your dog in a fun, loving way as you train. Her years of experience in all kinds of training, from movie animals to rescue animals, makes her the perfect trainer for anyone.

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