Crate Training A Pug Puppy Made Easy

crate training a pug puppy

There are a number of advantages with crate training a pug puppy and indeed this is something that a number of owners are now looking at doing as soon as they bring the dog into their home. Crate training does require some time and effort from your part, but there is no doubt that it is a good thing to do due to it having several advantages and the following tips will hopefully make the training process that little bit easier for both you and your dog.

Get The Correct Crate

The first thing that you need to do is get the correct crate for your pug because clearly they do not require the biggest one that is on the market. It is important to get one that is big enough that they can get up and reposition themselves whenever they want as this helps them to actually want to go into the crate in the first place. Make it too small and they are going to associate it with being cramped and you will just make life that bit harder for yourself when it comes to training your pug.

Make it Seem Like a Nice Place To Be

It stands to reason that if you make it seem as if it is a nice place for them, then they are more likely to want to go into it when ordered to do so rather than put up a fight and resist when you are trying to train them.

Try to tempt them in with some of their favorite toys or even their favorite blanket as long as it gives them some comfort when they are in there because when you tell them to go into the crate they will be happy to do so as it will not come across as a scary place. One other trick is to use some kind of treat to tempt them inside and make sure that you give them water whenever they are in there as this just adds to their feeling of comfort.

Have Them in It for Short Period of Time and Then Increase

When you first put them in the crate it is essential that you do not just put them in, close things up, and leave them alone as this is going to confuse them and upset them and only make the task of training your dog a lot harder.

Instead, you are best to only have them in there for a couple of minutes the first time and continue talking to them when they are in there and reward them for doing so well. Try this several times and then look at gradually increasing the length of time that they are in there for because eventually you will get to the point that they can be in there for hours and be quite comfortable in doing so.

Have Them in The Crate Near You at The Start

Apart from having them in the crate for only a short period of time it is also important that you also have them near you at the beginning before starting to build up the length of time that they are in there for whilst you are in another room. Do make sure that when you go back to them that you pay attention to them and make them feel loved and perhaps even reward them for doing so well in the crate.

One thing you must never do, however, is to rush back in if they start to make a noise when left alone as they will just do this whenever you put them in the crate and it does mean you will run into problems if you are planning on leaving them in the crate when you go out or go to bed.

Crate Training a Pug Puppy Conclusion

Those are points that you must take into consideration when crate training a pug puppy and as long as you are patient and are willing to work with them, then there should be no real problems in getting them to spend hours in that crate and to be happy to do so. The main thing is to make them feel comfortable to go in there and do be prepared to spend weeks building up the length of time that they spend in there and the time they spend alone, but eventually they will be quite content to go into the crate and will not cause all sorts of problems when doing so.

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  • James Chen March 21, 2013, 10:46 am

    I’ve been considering crate training a dog for awhile now. I’ve been going the more traditional route of using the newspaper. This article helped convince me to give it a try.

  • Erick Gonzales April 23, 2013, 2:19 am

    Yeah these seem like some good tips for crate training. It should really be just that – a comfortable place. If it becomes uncomfortable, undesirable – that’s when it won’t work well. Start early and approach it in the right way, in a thoughtful manner to make sure you get the results you want. This is pretty similar for all dogs, right? Or is anything here very very Pug-specific?

    • Laurie G May 7, 2013, 2:22 am

      I guess apart from the size of the crate there’s nothing specifically pug specific but since it’s a site about pugs it’s natural he would talk about pugs, don’t you think?


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