Signs That You Have an Aggressive Pug

aggressive pug

If you have an aggressive pug, then there are several reasons why they may be aggressive that are not linked to just general behavior. It should be said that this particular problem can be resolved no matter the age of the dog, but it is better if a problem such as aggression is dealt with as soon as possible.

Perhaps the first thing you should know is that pugs are not normally aggressive and indeed they are often the entirely opposite with them being quite sensitive to a number of things and easy to pacify. However, it is possible to get an aggressive dog no matter the breed and before explaining what to do to overcome it you may find it useful to know some of the clear signs that there could be a problem developing.

Signs of Aggression in a Pug

There are several key signs that your pug is being aggressive and it goes beyond the obvious barking and growling that is common with all dogs. Instead, you need to look for signs such as their ears being raised high up on their head, their tail being raised, and even raised hackles whilst a refusal to part with items such as their toys can also be an indication that all is not well.

Aggression Towards Other Dogs

There are several reasons why a pug may indeed be aggressive to other dogs and it is important to remember that even though they are now pets to us they were actually pack animals prior to being domesticated. Aggression to others tends to occur when you have several dogs and it is only normal that the pug is going to try and assert their authority over others at some point as the pecking order is being worked out. When it comes to this part there are four distinct areas of behavior to look out for.

The first is entirely linked to a battle for territory and even in a house with several dogs your pug is going to have its own space that it is going to protect from others and prevent them from entering that area. This will lead to them showing some aggression, but it is only to let the other dog know that they are getting close to a line and should not cross it.

Another reason is for dominance and in order to maintain the pecking order there will be times where your pug is going to show aggression to others that are perhaps trying to push their luck. This is something that is entirely natural and the moment will pass so do not think that there is something untoward.

Confusion can also lead to pug aggression especially when the owner does not understand the natural way that dogs deal with one another. A lack of knowledge will often lead to the dog repeatedly showing aggression as it misunderstands the need to do so and this does mean your own education plays a role.

Finally with aggression to dogs there is often a problem with the social aspect if they were taken from their mother too early. This means they can often lack those vital skills to exist with other dogs so to handle this, you need to make sure they know you are the leader, but also make them feel comfortable in order to solve the problem.

Aggression Towards Humans

Even though they are known as being calm and pleasant there are times and reasons where pugs can indeed be aggressive towards humans. An aggressive pug will often be injured in some way and in pain, or it may have suffered some traumatic experience that means it is nervous of certain situations.

It is also worth noting that their hormones can also play a role especially when they spike so consider having them neutered or spayed to stop this pug problems. In general, there is going to be another reason why they are aggressive to humans and you need to find that cause to see that it is not an actual change in their entire behavior.

So those are the main signs of an aggressive pug, but perhaps the key in all of this is to have a real understanding of the general nature of your dog so you know just how bad the problem may indeed be and to also not allow you to confuse it with just an elevated playing level. Pay close attention and if required look at known and respected methods of dealing with this aggression problem before it develops into something that can easily get out of hand.

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